Setup Guide

User Definitions and Protocol

Either the Caregiver or the Patient shall have “Administrator Rights”.

Administrator Rights” refers to absolute control of all settings for medication input, dosage, reminder times, pre-set breach parameters, and caregiver notifications.  By default, the party who initiates the account has Administrative Rights.

For Caregivers

“Caregivers” are classified into 2 categories;

  1. Primary Caregiver
  2. Alternate Caregiver

“Primary Caregiver”: This role is usually taken on by the person responsible for a patient's healthcare needs, such as an adult son, daughter, spouse, or professional caregiver (Initiator), who organizes doctor’s visits, health screenings, etc.

Alternative Caregiver: This is an appointed role, whereby the alternative caregiver substitutes the role of the "primary caregiver". The alternative caregiver by default does not have administrative rights unless activated by the "initiating" caregiver or the patient.

For Patients

Patients are classified into 2 categories;

  1. Responding Patient
  2. Independent Patient

Responding Patient:  The Patient is invited by the "Primary Caregiver"The Patient has no Administrative Rights unless activated by the caregiver.  The Patient, however, owns all his medical information, and should he/she withdraw from SuperMD, all his/her therapy history will be emailed to the Patient, and the account removed/deleted.

Independent Patient: The Independent Patient initiates his own SuperMD account and has full administrative rights over all his/her therapy settings, reminders, and notifications.  The Independent Patient may appoint a Caregiver who, upon acceptance, will receive notifications based on caregiver notification settings set by the Independent Patient. The Appointed Caregiver will not be able to edit any of the settings unless assigned “administrator rights” by the Patient.  The Independent Patient may invite/appoint an alternate caregiver to relieve the Appointed Caregiver.

What are “Therapies” ?

“Therapy” or “Therapies” refers to a course of treatment that may include medicine, measurements of blood pressure, glucose, weight, blood oxygen or other measurements required to monitor health parameters (being managed or requiring control), and physical activities such as walking and weight bearing exercises, etc. Only Primary Caregivers and self-initiated Independent Patients may set and edit therapies.

Medicine : you will get an option to set a medicine name, units, units of measurement, intake advice and set a medicine intake reminder time, there is also an option to select set medicines inventory which will remind the caregiver and patient when the medicines goes low.

Measurement : you will get an option to select different types of measurement like blood pressure, blood sugar, weight, temperature, oximeter and set a reminder time to take measurement.