We don’t see the struggles that some people face in their daily lives

From arthritic fingers struggling to open that milk box, to simply getting out of bed for some of us with mental health challenges like depression and the many unspoken of disorders.

We hear you.  That’s why we built SuperMD.  A free mobile application and platform, designed to help us cope, bridging people with each other, to help support and motivate each other.  Connecting loved ones regardless of distance or geography.


Most of us want to live independently and confidently, and this is possible even while coping with health issues.  All that’s needed is a little support.

SuperMD links patients with caregivers and doctors, real-time and using real data

SuperMD is developed to reduce non-adherence to prescribed therapies in people with chronic health conditions.  It is designed to empower, motivate and inform patients, caregivers and healthcare providers, driving compliance and enabling evidence-based diagnosis and treatment.


Who should use SuperMD?

  • Family Caregivers, especially if you have ageing parents or loved ones with long term health conditions
  • Professional Caregivers, so that you’re on top of things with your patients
  • Anyone with long term conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension, heart failure, obesity, or people struggling with depression, SuperMD helps you keep up with your therapies
  •  Independent Seniors, staying independent while keeping the people who care about you assured
  • Anyone wanting a little support with their therapies, SuperMD helps with adherence, avoiding avoidable health consequences
  • Doctors, SuperMD provides tools for enhanced patient care

We believe every person deserves a chance for a healthy life, free from illness and full of possibilities. We focus each day on delivering transformative innovations that bring smarter, more personalized care to all.

SuperMD is designed to support and motivate individuals to better manage their health, while providing a platform for your loved ones to look after you.


SuperMD Features

Built to Promote Independent Living


  • Know when your patient misses his or her meds
  • Be alerted when patient’s blood pressure, weight or other signs are erratic
  • Never let meds run out
  • Stay on top of medical appointments and follow-ups

Patients (You)

  • Easily find doctors and book tele-consultations
  • Schedule lab tests and pathology
  • Never forget your meds
  • Own your own medical data
  • Be comforted in knowing someone is always looking out for you


  • Improved care and efficacy with better patient adherence
  • Clearer “picture” of patient’s progress and response to treatment
  • Enabling evidence-based treatment and pathways

SuperMD's Purpose is to...

  • Improve outcomes and quality of life for patients
  • Improve efficiency and quality of life for caregivers
  • Enable your doctor to diagnose and treat more effectively
  • Reduction in overall and long-term treatment cost
  • Accurately predict and enable timely intervention, avoiding serious events associated with poorly managed health conditions
  • Develop intelligence to diagnose and treat effectively and efficiently

SuperMD's Functions Can...

  • Remind patients of daily therapies like medications, measurements, and exercises
  • Send real-time notifications when patients are not compliant
  • Send real-time alerts to caregivers when parameters are breached
  • Enable caregivers to acknowledge, encourage, motivate and take decisive action
  • Notify and remind patient and caregiver of doctor appointments and other medical follow-ups
  • Send and manage medication inventory and refill reminders
  • Send periodic reports of adherence & readings for doctors’ review
  • Generate analysis and statistics of medical adherence

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