Primary caregiver

Setting up SuperMD is easy.

If you are a caregiver, download the app and simply choose ”Caregiver”

Fill in your details and then “invite patient”. Fill in your patient’s details, click “Invite ” and SuperMD instantly sends an invitation to your patient via SMS and email.

Proceed to set medications, dosages, time for intake, confirm reminders and update inventory settings. You may set refill reminders for each medication.

Click “save”.

If your patient is required to take measurements such as blood pressure, glucose, weight, temperature or blood oxygen, click on the therapies menu button and select “Set Measurement”.

Select the measurement required, set the time for measurements to be taken and confirm reminder settings.

Targeted activities such daily steps can also be set in this section.

Click “save”.

Lastly, be notified of your patient’s progress, defaults or even breached parameters.

Caregiver notifications are by default already pre-set. Open caregiver notifications and change settings to suit your preference. Remember to always save any changes made.